One veterinarian’s musings

  • Family

    Today, I’m musing about family while sitting in a gray-rubbery chair at the O’Hare Airport. I’m trying to get back home after attending my nephew’s wedding in Texas. It is said, “We teach what we most need to learn.” I’ve been teach, teach, and teaching (whether paid or not) ever since I got started teaching […]

  • Mystery of the animal-human bond

    Today, I’m musing about the mystery of the animal-human bond. I’m considering two questions in particular; “Do animals help us discover who we are?” “Are our fur-bearing friends picking up on Today’s everywhere-all-the-time anxiety and fear?” After a lifetime of animal stories—my own and those of others—something Bill Lipschultz said to me over our recent […]

  • Sturgeon Marveling

    Today, I’m continuing to muse and to marvel about sturgeon. I want to use a dead sturgeon to address the question I posed in my last column:  “How is it possible for veterinarians to have a working knowledge of so many animals—an estimated 60,000 species of animals within the 5 groups with backbones?” While I’d […]

  • Veterinary medicine and sturgeons

    Today, I’m musing about musing, about veterinary medicine, and about sturgeon. To muse: “… to become absorbed in thought; especially to turn something over in the mind meditatively and often inconclusively.” We expect a veterinarian to have a working knowledge of all animals. All animals?  Think about it.  There are an estimated 60,000 species of […]

  • One Veterinarian’s Musings… Return to Wisconsin, coming home

    A couple of weeks ago, as I was driving away from Patty’s Hair Affair, I noticed John Faucher’s camouflaged truck. I did a U-turn. I stopped, hopped out of my truck and enjoyed a long chat with John. It was in a state of gratitude and wonderment that I sat down here at my computer […]