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  • “Good Death”

    Today, I’m musing about euthanasia, a word that means “good death”.  As I drove away from the home in Waupaca wherein I had just euthanized a 13-year-old, 13-pound, lovable, much-loved, black, curly-haired dog with intestinal cancer, I thought to myself, “What a privilege it was for me to have assisted that dog through that sacred passage from life […]

  • Imprinting

    Today, I’m musing about imprinting. The cat on my shoulder in the picture is Bassui. Cutting-edge science—what we now know about cloning—says that there will never be another Bassui. Research shows that genes alone don’t determine who a given animal is, how it is formed, or how it behaves. I say what many say about […]

  • Cats and Plato’s Cave

    Today, I’m musing about cats and Plato’s Cave. Don Nelson, our pastor’s father, wrote to me after reading my last column. “I have always been a ‘cat’ person, so I see dogs and cats in a different light than you do.” One Veterinarian’s Musing gave Don the impression I am a “dog person”? I love […]