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  • Imprinting

    Today, I’m musing about imprinting. The cat on my shoulder in the picture is Bassui. Cutting-edge science—what we now know about cloning—says that there will never be another Bassui. Research shows that genes alone don’t determine who a given animal is, how it is formed, or how it behaves. I say what many say about […]

  • Maturity

    Today, I’m musing about maturity. The most recent issue of National Geographic has an article about orphan elephants. I received two take-home lessons from the article: 1) Maturity is contagious. 2) Direct contact is required for the transmission of maturity. One incident that occurred in South Africa involved some traumatized orphaned elephants that grew up […]

  • Age of Biology

    Today, I’m musing about the Age of Biology. I want to digress at the outset. In my last column I wrote, “… think of all the words and numbers—abstractions—each of us is exposed to every day today in the Age of Information!” I misspoke. I should have written the Short-Human-Time of Information–the third Short-Human-Time; #1 was the Agricultural Age […]