Tag: Wisconsin

  • Lincoln and Darwin

    Today, I’m musing about Lincoln and Darwin. I am a huge fan of both men. Both were born on the day I started putting this musing to paper, February 12th. Both of these heroes of mine were born in the year 1809, 203 years ago. We citizens of Wisconsin—citizens of the United States of America—are […]

  • Maturity

    Today, I’m musing about maturity. The most recent issue of National Geographic has an article about orphan elephants. I received two take-home lessons from the article: 1) Maturity is contagious. 2) Direct contact is required for the transmission of maturity. One incident that occurred in South Africa involved some traumatized orphaned elephants that grew up […]

  • The differences between animals and humans

    Today, I’m musing about the differences between animals and humans. As I was walking along side the onramp to highway 10 in Waupaca, looking for Erin’s—Nancy’s daughter’s—lost wallet, thoughts I rarely have came to me. I noticed I was thinking about how I am different from animals. Normally, I am thinking about the universality of […]

  • One Veterinarian’s Musings… Return to Wisconsin, coming home

    A couple of weeks ago, as I was driving away from Patty’s Hair Affair, I noticed John Faucher’s camouflaged truck. I did a U-turn. I stopped, hopped out of my truck and enjoyed a long chat with John. It was in a state of gratitude and wonderment that I sat down here at my computer […]