One Medicine offers consulting services to clients ranging from individual pet owners to research institutions, non- profit groups, farms and businesses. Services include:

Regulatory Compliance

Case Studies:

Facility/Vivarium Design


Program Design/Management

  • Disease prevention
  • Care of laboratory animals and wildlife
  • Design and implementation of research studies
  • Instruction and personnel training

Individual Pet Consultations

Support and assistance to pet owners and their primary care veterinarians regarding diagnosis and treatment of complex conditions.


  • Grey Kitty, a cat living in California, has intractable, reccurring, immune-mediated anemia. I worked with Dr. Jagjit Bhullar and Grey Kitty’s owners to succeed in keeping Grey Kitty alive and well in spite of his severe anemia.

Comparative Pathology

  • Off-site online analysis of slide, reports, etc
  • On-site post mortem examinations

Teaching/Public Speaking

  • Adjunct instruction at colleges and universities including but not limited to comparative anatomy, comparative physiology, stem cell biology, pathology, biomedical ethics (use of animals in biomedical research, veterinary science and entry level life science classes such as biology, anatomy, physiology.
  • Lectures and seminars for practicing professionals on a variety of topics from specific credential training classes such as for American Association of Laboratory Animal Science technicians and Certified Euthanasia Technician Training and single topic areas for CUE credits in a variety of topics such as animal cruelty, post mortem exam techniques and lab animal related areas (facilities, regulatory oversight, program management).
  • Presentations for community organizations and the general public on Stem Cell Basics, Intermittent Fasting, Plague in Cats and other comparative biomedical related topics.


  • Grants: Decades of successful grant writing since 1980. One Medicine can provide expert writing and assistance for writing and submitting grants.
  • Textbooks/educational materials: I have contributed chapters to scientific textbooks, have served an associate editor and am currently working on a complete anatomy/physiology textbook.
  • General interest news, reviews, editorials, etc: My blog and newspaper writings cover many area under the umbrella of "One Medicine", from the animal-human bond to the interdependence of all life to Nature Deficient Disorder.

Literature Research Assistance

When information about a specific topic is needed quickly, One Medicine is available to conduct research and analysis of scholarly scientific literature.

Specialized Veterinary Services

As a small business in a rural community, One Medicine is able to augment care provided by other local organizations such as veterinary clinics, humane societies and rescue groups by offering specialized services on an "as-needed" basis. For example, One Medicine currently provides at-home pet euthanasias through the Wolf River Veterinary Clinic in New London WI